PolyPower Chimneys™

Magdek PolyPower Chimney™

The Magdek PolyPower Chimney™ ventilation systems are a best seller on poultry farms across the UK. Our new design creates higher pressure output for the same electrical load and come complete with cut off tops, drop in fan liners and fitted roof collars. Our elevated chimney heights give better dispersal of dust and fumes, guaranteed to satisfy local authorities and the environment agency and even improve solar panel output.

Each Magdek PolyPower Chimney™ gives you:

  • More air per £
  • Better dispersal
  • Higher specification
  • Lower prices

Re-liner systems are available as retrofits for older sheds and we offer a square to circular conversion kit to maximise efficient airflow output.


Check Sheet

Key Features
Welded leak proof roof collar
Durable lifetime warranty
Vertical discharge
Fits inside current extracts
Easy clean
Complete with back draft
300mm – 960mm diameter
Additional Components
Elasticated covers
Rotary dampers
Automatic dampers

Where can I get one?

The Magdek Chimney System™ is available directly from Magdek or through one of our distributors.

Mainland UK

Please call Eleanor Lewis on +44 (0) 7530 720 905 to discuss your requirements.

Northern Ireland and ROI

Please call Derek Morgan on +44 (0) 7710 295584 or +44 (0) 28 9262 9609.

Alternatively, you can email details of your project to tech@magdek.com along with details of location, dimensions and application. We will endeavour to reply to any requests within 48 hours.