Topcool Cyclone Fans™

Ventilation of air, especially in the summer season, is vital to your diary farm. High velocity Topcool ventilators and fans offer the optimum cow cooling to resolve the expensive heat stress. In winter season on low speed, our Topcool innovative ventilators de-stratify air inside the barn. Hang them under the ceiling or mount on steel post or building column.

Heat stress in dairy cows can occur in the field as much as in the cubicle house and can certainly happen in the collection area. Cows need cooling air to remove heat respired from their lungs. When this heat isn’t removed you have a problem. How big and expensive that problem is depends on your action.

The cow needs cooling, and fast. She needs airspeeds up to 10ms and she needs to immerse herself in windchill. If you have a cyclone system you can achieve this.

Having a Topcool Cyclone Fan will:

  • Protect cows digestion
  • Protect cows fertility
  • Protect the unborn calf
  • Allow cow to reach her 14 hours rest
  • Protect cows hooves


• 72˝ Motor is 3 HP or 2.2KW on high and 0.3KW on low 230/460 VAC, AMP 8.2/4.1

• 300 watts on low

• Cyclone 72”

• Blade 72”

• Airflow: 82.608 M3/H, 36 CFM/Watt

• Motor: 3HP, 380V, 50HZ with CE

• Optional Variable Frequency Drive

Key Features
Can reduce heating and cooling cost up to 50%
Corrosion resistant fiberglass housing
Heavy-duty pulley and bearing assembly
Maintenance free motor
Quick-change belt
Various mount options available
Optional variable frequency drive
6 directional airflow deflectors
Balanced heavy-duty corrosion resistant 6 paddle aluminum blade
Shipped fully assembled, except for airfoil deflectors

The new EC rated Cyclone fans are now available from

  1. Ivor Davies at Cowplan, Bristol – 07751050158
  2. El Lewis Calfvent Design at Welshpool – 07530720905
  3. Adam Jackson Agri in Cumbria – 07572864115