Magdek Hot Air Dryers

From drying small flat stores of grain using biogas from digesters, we have developed a range of driers with our customers.

Below is a picture of a drying front progressing up through a pile of wood chip. A line is visible between the dried wood chip and the still moist. Above the line reads 25%, below reads 0%. At a certain point, the store operator will cease drying and will mix for a highly marketable product at 14%-20%.

Magdek 500kw Dryer Unit (latest design)

  • Saves £100,000 power bills during your RHI contract
  • Produces lower noise than any previous dryer
  • Requires less power than any other equivalent dryer
50KW Trailer Drier for Woodchip.

Where can I get one?

Magdek Hot Air Dryers are available directly from Magdek or through one of our distributors.

Mainland UK

Please call Eleanor Lewis on +44 (0) 7530 720 905 to discuss your requirements.

Northern Ireland and ROI

Please call Derek Morgan on +44 (0) 7710 295584 or +44 (0) 28 9262 9609.

Alternatively, you can email details of your project to along with details of location, dimensions and application. We will endeavour to reply to any requests within 48 hours.

Key Features
Lower Operating Costs
Reduced Noise
Compact Construction
Modules up to 500kw
Soft Start
Speed Control
Recycled Materials
Milled Products