Magdek CalfVent™ & Cattle Fans

Cows lungs are more critical to performance than most other farm animals. That’s why successful farmers focus on pneumonia prevention, making Magdek CalfVent™ part of their herd health program.

The last two years my calves were dropping like flies – I tried every remedy. Then I installed Magdek’s Calf Vents. Success!

-Noel McNamee, Longford

In the past many have depended on positive pressure ventilation systems; which replenish fresh air continuously; but now thousands of UK farmers have become aware of the link between productive, profitable units and ‘Environment Control’ provided by the Magdek CalfVent™.

Custom tube systems with multiple-hole layouts distribute air evenly, without creating draughts. Air change within animal housing is essential to remove aerosols that pass bacteria into animal’s lungs so we designed our moulded fan housings to outperform any other product on the market.


• Single systems up to 35m long

• Custom tube with multiple hole layouts to latest vets designs

• Special tube works even with low roof frames

• Lifetime guarantee on housing

• Moulded fan housings out perform any other product on the market

• Tube length easily adjusted with unique Magdek clip system

Changing the air conditions for all the animals in your shed is as simple as turning a dial to adjust airflow or temperature. Simple management, immediate results with minimum work.

Typically your new Magdek CalfVent™ system will serve you for 20 years or more. Invest today and enjoy the benefits of a healthy herd for many years to come.

The tube is durable enough to last years but cheap enough to replace regularly if you require.

– Connor McCaulfield

Variable speed basket fans using robust transformer technology for the tough farm environment.
Cows that rest in airstreams are more productive and happier.
Just switched on today. New European market for Magdeks popular Calfvent system. William Morgan dropped it in for the farmer this morning.
Key Features
Heavy duty poly, housing & rain hood
Bird Guard
Additional Components
Manual Speed Control
Auto Speed Control

A timelapse video of a smoke test carried out by vets on our equipment. The new installation was at a Cotswolds farm that had a history of calf pneumonia problems.Our installation used a new Kath Harte design for air distribution.


The new EC rated Cyclone fans are now available from

  1. Ivor Davies at Cowplan, Bristol – 07751050158
  2. El Lewis Calfvent Design at Welshpool – 07530720905
  3. Adam Jackson Agri in Cumbria – 07572864115


The Dixons, Moate: “why every farmer hasn’t got one amazes us. It’s the most effective bit of equipment we ever bought”.

The McNamees, Ireland: “3 years of vets and drugs companies scratching their heads- then I discovered the Calvent!”

The Webbers, Devon:” Leach brothers fitted me a special chimney version and it bought big fresh air in seconds in what had been a bad spot.

Ask about our cattle shed improvement program for larger sheds and adult animals, where we can provide:


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CalfVent Datasheet

Where can I get one?

The Magdek Calf Vent™ is available directly from Magdek or through one of our distributors

Mainland UK

Please call Eleanor Lewis on +44 (0) 7530 720 905 to discuss your requirements.

Northern Ireland and ROI

Please call Derek Morgan on +44 (0) 7710 295584 or +44 (0) 28 9262 9609.

Alternatively, you can email details of your project to along with details of location, dimensions and application. We will endeavour to reply to any requests within 48 hours.