Magdek Bioheater Plus™

The latest version of our very popular biomass heater has been developed to meet and exceed the rigours of today’s intensive farming practices. Its aluminium and copper heat exchanger element gives the best possible output from low water temperatures.  The compact fibreglass case will last for years in poultry sheds and its light-weight design puts less stress on the building structure.


The Magdek Bioheater Plus™ excels in broiler sheds with large heat demands and high dust levels, where corrosive chemicals and high pressure washers are used in wash downs. In fact, the cleaning process has been a major design consideration. We have created a heater that is quick and simple to wash thoroughly, with no hidden surfaces and hinged to open in-situ for thorough washing. With no areas where dirt or wash water can be trapped Magdek Bioheater Plus™ makes a significant contribution to your clean regime. The GRP armoured case has the added benefit over plastic bodies in that it is designed to take the higher temperatures needed for Campylobacter thermal treatment above boiling point.

Magdek Bioheater Plus™ heaters work with any boiler system and we offer a guaranteed 20 year backup service providing a full stock of standard components. We offer a full installation service for your convenience, or can alternatively ship the units independently for a self install.

We also stock a range of low cost 20kW to 50kW wall mounting fan heaters.

80kw rapid heat unit.
Back to back units heat a 200 foot long wooden house within minutes.
Key Features
Models from 25 – 120kW
Huge airflow capacity
Maximum energy efficiency
Light weight construction <90KG
Horizontal or vertical mounting
Easy clean GRP armoured casing
Tested to BS1216
Optional connection sets & valves
Additional Components
Steel Pipework
Flexible Hoses
Control Valves
Control Panels
Mounting Brackets

Where can I get one?

The Magdek Bioheater Plus™ is available directly from Magdek or through one of our distributors.

Mainland UK

Please call Eleanor Lewis on +44 (0) 7530 720 905 to discuss your requirements.

Northern Ireland and ROI

Please call Derek Morgan on +44 (0) 7710 295584 or +44 (0) 28 9262 9609.

Alternatively, you can email details of your project to along with details of location, dimensions and application. We will endeavour to reply to any requests within 48 hours.