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Innovators in ventillation, heating and cooling systems for improved animal welfare

A healthy animal is a happy animal and a happy animal is a productive animal.

For the past two decades, Magdek has developed innovative solutions to increase productivity in your livestock and reduce conditions such as heat stress in your herd.

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service for our agricultural customers throughout the UK and Europe.

We have extensive experience manufacturing and supplying solutions to improve animal welfare, from supply feeders and drinking equipment also.

Calf Vent

Custom tube systems with multiple-hole layouts distribute air evenly, without creating draughts.

Air change within animal housing is essential to remove aerosols that pass bacteria into animal’s lungs so we designed our moulded fan housings to outperform any other product on the market.

Topcool Cyclone Fans

High velocity Topcool ventilators and fans offer the optimum cow cooling to resolve the expensive heat stress.

In winter season on low speed, our Topcool innovative ventilators de-stratify air inside the barn. Hang them under the ceiling or mount on steel post or building column.

“The conversion units were spot on for EPA targets. Excellent design. Great performance.”

Rob Dawson, Lincoln

“The Cyclone Fans have resolved our issues with ammonia in the air”

Mark Stewart, Lockerbie

“Your Coldstore saved my business this year, I’m still selling stuff out of it which would have needed dumped in March”

Wilson Fulton, Strabane, Ulster Farmers Union

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